Can You Junk A Car without A Title?

Can You Junk A Car without A Title?

Junk cars are worth cash for the metals of the vehicles. Do you need the title to junk the car? How do they determine the value of junk cars? Read on to get answers to all your questions regarding selling a car without a title.

Everything You Need to Know About Junking A Car Without A Title

QLD Car Removal offers the following information on whether car sellers can scrap their junk cars without a title.

What Documents Do I Need to Furnish In The Absence of A Title?

In the absence of a title, the next best thing is establishing proof of ownership of the vehicle. When junking a car, there are documents you will need. Selling your vehicle to QLD Car Removal is a simple process; however, there are documents that junk car sellers will need to have to get their vehicles sold to us. Firstly, you will need a valid photo Id such as a driver’s license or passport for us to confirm your identity. You will also need a copy of your vehicle’s registration as proof of ownership.

Do I Need to Hand Over the Keys?


If the vehicle is being junked, you will not need to provide the keys for the vehicle to the removal/wrecker company. So, if you find out that you’ve lost the keys to the vehicle, do not worry about it.

I Don’t Own the Vehicle, But Is It Still Possible to Sell It?

If you have the title of the vehicle but are not the owner of the vehicle, then you cannot legally sell the vehicle. Reputable cash for car buyers needs you to establish clear ownership over a vehicle for you to be able to sell it to them. This is to dissuade people from trying to sell stolen vehicles.

Selling a junk car without a title is possible. QLD Car Removal is a junk car buyer that is a legitimate buyer that will buy junk cars without a title. However, it is essential that you speak with our appraiser at the time that you obtain a quote to ensure that you have the required documents for us to purchase your vehicle legally. We are a cash car buyer that offers same day cash sales and second to none services. To get a quote for your unwanted vehicle, contact us at the number below or visit our homepage to complete our online quote form. When it’s time to sell your car or truck, it is time to contact QLD Car Removal for a top cash sale. We buy all makes & conditions of vehicles, including those without a title.

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